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GCC Developers' Summit, Day 3

  • 24th Jun, 2005 at 11:59 PM

Friday, I started the day with many glasses of orange juice. I am glad that they have yet to ruin freshly-squeezed orange juice. Wait, I shouldn't say that. Maybe next year, they'll grind in more pith.

I had a good watching three talks today:

Structure Aliasing in GCC
was presented by Daniel Berlin who talked about how the C and C++ front-ends deal with aliased data structures. In fact, many optimization currently cannot be performed on fields within a structure because GCC thinks that if one field of the structure has changed, the entire structure has. Daniel has come up with a GIMPLE representation that removes this restriction and we should see this show up in GCC 4.1.
Porting the GNU Tool Chain to the Cell Architecture
was a talk by Ulrich Weigand. In fact, two talks by Ulrich, because the projector blew out on him and we broke for lunch early. We all joked that IBM didn't want him to release this sort of information, because it has been hush-hush for a little while. I think the gaming industry is all excited about this new chip, so that's why there's a little bit of discretion. Anyway, Ulrich was authorized to tell us some things about the new architecture. As expected, it's got a Power64 based CPU that's connected, on die, to eight vector streaming co-processors. A very nice little chip, and there have already been discrete inquiries about getting a reference board. During the presentation, the most disturbing thing was the guy in the front row taking pictures of all of Ulrich's slides.
Decimal Floating Point Extension for C via decNumber
was a little talk that Janis Johnson and an effigy of Jon Grimm. They talked about the implementation of the draft IEEE 754R which would bring a standardized decimal-floating-point representation to C. That, I suspect, would be very nice for me, since I still have the horror of implementing a decimal rounding routine for WvStreams.

Eating lunch in the park
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Lunch was conducted in Major Hills' Park, right next to the American Embassy. I had meant to stop by Chilly Chiles but forgot to do this. Perhaps some other time. I heard from Matthew that they had closed the teddy bear store, which made me quite disappointed. I will have to go back and look to see if this is true. In any event, we had a bunch of people go to takeaway Indian at a restaurant whose name I have now forgotten. A bunch of people got wraps while I got some curries. Then we sat in the park and some people looked like they got sunburnt.

After the presentations, Jeff and I decided to get some exercise in. Goodness knows we needed it after eating so much food in the last couple of days. We went swimming for an hour, where I got some laps in until I got a cramp. Shame on me for not going to the gym in two weeks. Jeff seemed to do better at treading water than I did. We escaped just as a family brought their screaming children into our calm and serene waters. Then we had a nice conversation in the sauna until I started getting sleepy, whereupon we decided that heat stroke would be a bad idea. We managed to go to the Steering Committee Panel just as they were wrapping up, because they had decided to start an hour early.

For dinner, we went to the Vineyards where I had a fairly nice dinner. Then it was going around the tables trying to figure out what various people were working on. I got to chat with Andrey Belevantsev for a bit, congratulated some people on some recent happy news, and had a chat with David Edelsohn. It was all too soon before we had to retire to the hotel. I seem to recall being half-asleep while people stayed in our living room until 4:00.