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GCC Developers' Summit, Day 4

  • 25th Jun, 2005 at 11:59 PM

I had some trouble getting up this morning, but I managed to get everything packed away by 10:00. This is no mean feat, because I had brought a rather decent number of clothes. And of course, a modest kitchen. Including a pressure cooker. Well, one doesn't expect to host dinner parties without being prepared, now is one?

We went downstairs to the lobby and checked out. Then we waited for Carlos and Christine to show up. I had a little chat with a tired Richard Henderson and Jeff managed to chat with Diego. Once Carlos walked in the door, we said our goodbyes and loaded some of our luggage into the trunk. Christine then drove us to the Diefenbunker. This place was totally brilliant and our tour guide really seemed to love the place. We had a great morning walking around the entire complex and Luke even bought a poster at the end.

Bachelor party
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

By that time, a couple of hours had passed and we were all famished. We drove back downtown, which is far faster than walking, and noticed a little commotion on the street. We soon passed the lucky man and so off it was to The Horn of Africa again for lunch. Halfway through eating we noticed that it was just pouring rain outside. Jeff went out to close the window of the car and when he returned, it looked like he had gone for a swim.

After settling the bill, we all walked outside and noticed that it was hot and muggy. Not the usual kind of weather one expects after a freak rain shower. Luke and I were dropped off near the bus terminal and the rest of them went on their way west. Both of us walked over to Paul's house, which is one of Luke's classmates from Waterloo. There, I sprawled out on their living room floor, half from exhaustion and half from the heat. It was soon time to walk to the bus station, board a bus, and go home.

I arrived at my flat at around 18:00. There I met a most excited little kitty who enjoyed a bit of salmon. Then I set about to do laundry and sleep.