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  • 27th Jun, 2005 at 11:34 PM

It was very warm today, as the weather forecast had predicted. I left my air-conditioner on this morning, a decision I was glad to make.

I live on the third floor of a four storey building. One that gets a lot of sun. So when I enter the front door and go up the stairs, the temperature and humidity rise significantly. Not only that, there's a foul smell that eminates from the flat across the hall. It is with great joy that I open my door to a blast of cold, clean air.

Timin also likes to see me come in, because it usually means he gets petted. And fed. And watered. It's very important for him to get food, or at least he thinks so. I've been giving him a little less to eat because he hasn't been very active lately. Poor little guy.

The rest of the week is supposed to be hot and muggy as well. Which will be uncomfortable because we've thrown all the windows open at the office. Why? Because of the strange fumes that seem to be making everyone feel dizzy. Why they've wafted up, I cannot tell. But I can certainly say a lot of people decided to work from home after we started noticing it.



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28th Jun, 2005 04:59 (UTC)
Just remember that your air-conditioned comfort is helping to
kill thousands.

28th Jun, 2005 14:07 (UTC)
Not sure if the guy above was kidding, but I consider myself environmentally-conscious, but I still choose to use an air conditioner on days like yesterday.

I'm sorry to hear about all the foul smells you keep encountering.
28th Jun, 2005 14:31 (UTC)
I'm fairly sure that James was. And I'm one of those people who would fall down due to heat and pollution, so I'm certainly running an air-conditioner. When I was in Waterloo, I'd get chest pains quite regularly from the heat and smog.

I think the people across the hall don't clean their apartment very well. Plus, they do lots of arguing.
28th Jun, 2005 18:32 (UTC)
i noticed those fumes the other day, too!
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