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Dinner party

  • 4th Jul, 2005 at 1:03 AM

I have just finished washing the majority of my dishes.

This is not because I'm a lazy slob with a tendency to leave dishes in the sink until new life forms. It is also not because I am usually too spent to wash dishes by the time I come home.

No, it's because I held another dinner party.

This one, I should think, was fairly successful. I only started buying groceries at 15:00, and started cooking by 16:00. By 20:30, Damian and angorian rang the doorbell and I buzzed them inside. I was busy deseeding tomatoes at the time, so I couldn't dash downstairs to meet them.

We started out with some bruschetta and followed it with some chicken soup. Then, a variation on chicken cordon bleu that was simpler but still tasty. I served that on a bed of linguine in tomato sauce, with a side of stir-fried vegetables. We finished this off with some frozen strawberry yogurt that Angorian and Damian brought with them. They even brought sauces!

I think the evening went rather well. We're all quite pleasantly stuffed, and my guests have only recently made their way back home. Not only that, they left a very nice lime cordial and a strawberry preserve. Yum! I suppose I could have made a little less food, and perhaps the chicken could have been cooked slightly less. But I always think that chicken breast is dry, so perhaps it turned out alright.

Recipes will follow later, I think, if anyone cares for them.



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4th Jul, 2005 06:03 (UTC)
Yar! Dinner party! You'll have to invite me to one of those.. =)
4th Jul, 2005 06:43 (UTC)
Yes, yes I do.
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