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Greatest dishes in the world

  • 8th Jul, 2005 at 6:22 AM

I had angorian and ayria over last night, as they were the two female developers at the office. The rest of the office was off at a bachelor party, but that sort of thing has never truly appealed to me. I will presume that the groom-to-be had plenty of fun.

Damian came along as well, of course, and my guests perused my bookshelves while I whipped together a simple dinner. After eating, we went into the living room to watch television. See, Damian has been telling me how great the Greatest Dishes in the World is and he implored me to see it. Fine, so I download the most recent episode and invited people over to watch it.

I have to say that the food they eat on that show makes me salivate. It also makes me feel like a bumbling home cook, which is not true because I rarely bumble. I must also say that I'm very glad we ate before we watched television, or I would be just ravenous. After the episode, we chatted some more and then my guests filtered out to go home.


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27th Jun, 2007 08:28 (UTC)
hi.. where did you download the serie from?
i'm looking for it.. thanks

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