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Outside Tim's door

  • 9th Jul, 2005 at 11:00 AM

I'm sitting in the lobby of Carver 4, waiting for someone to wake up and open the door for me. So I thought it would be a fairly good idea to write some more of my weblog. I think I left out bits about Friday morning, so I'll write about that.

Let's see… I got up very early on Friday morning and started hacking on work. Did a little stuff with WvStreams as the OpenSSL people have released another API-breaking version. But I'm not one to complain, since WvStreams does that on every major release as well.

At around 10:00, I started heading towards the train station. Which is just as well, since I was very unlucky in making my connexions. I got there just in time to board the train. Once aboard, I feel asleep as I am accustomed to do.

I was woken up during the trip to get lunch. They served tournados rossini, which was happily co-incidental, since the television show we watched on Thursday showcased it. Sadly, the train's very did not look half as scrumptous as the televised version. And frankly, I doubt that the caterers got a Michelin-star chef to prepare my meal.

Once in Toronto, I walked up Bay Street to the Coach Terminal. Along the way, at Nathan Philips Square, I noticed a huge collection of people. There was some sort of outdoor event going on. I wandered about and deduced that it was the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. There were paintings, drawings, photographs, pottery, and jewellery on display. I noticed that although colour was rampant everywhere, the photographers as a whole seemed to avoid it. I wonder why?

The most amusing booth there were by some people who make cloth puppets. They've got strings like marionettes, but they're made out of cloth. They had a whole bunch of them hanging from hooks. Actually, there were quite a few stuffed-items, but these were hanging from nooses and had blood dripping down their faces. Behind the rack of puppets sat two very serious looking goths in their black clothing. I wanted to take a photograph of them with their work, but I couldn't find a decent composition.

Fortunately, my ability to buy anything from the exhibitors was greatly tempered by the high cost of original art and my inability to carry anything fragile in a backpack. Otherwise, I might have picked up some serving plates, as I still lack them. And maybe a painting or two. Still, I almost bought some very attractive cuff-links before I realised that I had no need for any.

After spending several hours looking at the art, I continued walking north and purchased my bus tickets. Then I walked west to get to the University of Toronto campus. I made my way to the playhouse and bought myself a ticket. Outside the door, I saw serendipity_wpg talking to some people and said hello. We chatted for a while and then Jason showed up, and they both ducked inside to set up the stage.

It was about then that I got a Jem Rolls' flyer stuck in my hand. If I ever needed a Public Relations manager, the woman who gave me this flyer would be it. She's the most sincere, yet cheerful, person I've seen at any Fringe festival. She shows up everywhere publicising Jem's show: outside other shows, at restaurants, walking down the street, and from what I can tell she does a really good job at filling seats. She never flags, never fails, always smiles: this woman is undefatigable!