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  • 16th Jul, 2005 at 11:45 AM

Geese at the oasis
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I've locked myself in my room for the past three days, like a hermit hiding in the desert. And all I have been doing is thinking and typing non-stop: no food, no fun, and very little sleep. The purpose? I'm trying to whip our DDC talk into shape.

I basically chained myself to my terminal and have been hacking on two things: (1) our D-BUS network protocol and (2) our demo. Actually, only the first thing is really working right now, and I still have to put the finishing touches on that. I built upon Avery's work from last year, except now the D-BUS implementation is actually robust! I'd point you at our public code repository, except we've recently switch to Subversion and have yet to setup yet. I do, however, think that I can release a snapshot on Tuesday.

A contingent of NITI people will be going: Hubert, Patrick and I will all be speaking there. So the game plan is to show up to Pat's place on Sunday night, and drive into Ottawa come Monday morning.

After a quick gander at the schedule, I have to note with some relief that we're presenting on Tuesday. So Pat and I will be able to hash out our presentation, probably on the car trip down, and then I'll be able to figure out whether I need to make slides or whether I can happily scribble on a whiteboard.