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2005 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 0

  • 21st Jul, 2005 at 3:01 PM

Race car
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Pat, Christine, and Hubert stayed a while for the first morning of OLS. I had set up an impromptu Birds Of a Feather (BOF) session for UniConf, based on the good response we got from our DDC talk. We managed to convince some people that this was a good idea, and then it was time for us to stay goodbye to them.

dcoombs and I stayed in the city because we were registered. I saw Tim who seemed to be having a great time, although he didn't seem to be highly visible after the talks. The talks this year are sort of kernel oriented, but not highly technical. So it's a good place for people to get an overview for how Linux is heading. There were a couple of X talks and a couple of networking talks; nothing too far into user-land though.

I got to see a whole bunch of people from last year and I'm really happy that they made it back. I really like talking to the crowd that attends this conference because they are all so very interesting and brilliant. I have, however, noticed that each year OLS gets bigger and we all go to sleep earlier and earlier.

There was a welcome reception with free food and drink. Although there was a marketting person from Intel who didn't say much useful stuff, Uncle Art went up on stage and tried to do a presentation about his efforts to market "open source software." Unfortunately, many people didn't appreciate his perspective and talked throughout the entire thing. It's too bad, because he had some very interesting things to say.

After the talks were over and prizes given out, we wandered back to Jeff's room and played a game of Mao. Unfortunately, I was very tired at the time and incapable to remembering the rules. I shall endeavour to do better next time.