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2005 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 1

  • 22nd Jul, 2005 at 11:59 PM

I saw Rusty's talk on kernel-level unit testing in the morning. This was quite interesting, since he and his cohorts have implemented a simulation/unit-testing framework for a kernel subsystem. It's about time, I should think.

Then, I spent the rest of the day puttering around in my hotel room and wandering off to buy food. dcoombs and I even drove to a nearby Loblaws to pick up groceries. Truly, it was odd to see a PC Financial pavilion; they don't have those where I am. That's why I don't tell them that I've moved.

We cooked for a dinner party and served up food. It seems that my salad was well received but I honestly messed up with the pasta dish. Too much pasta, not enough liquid, and not enough salt. I will probably do better next time. I'm still surprised whenever I cook for large numbers of people.

That's a little on the negative though. Rohan showed up, and I haven't seen him since I graduated from Waterloo. I hope he wasn't too bored by all the geeky talk. And a whole bunch of people also showed up, although I can't seem to remember them all. Curse my lossy memory. Fewer than I expected: I believe this is because I invited people too early. At GCC, I got a lot of attendees by inviting them just before shopping for groceries.