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2005 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 2

  • 23rd Jul, 2005 at 9:28 AM

Most of the talks in room A focused on virtualisation: Xen and UML being the front-runners. I saw the intro to Xen talk, and when I wasn't nodding off by accident, I saw what they were up to. When I first looked at Xen about a year ago, I thought, "these guys must be on crack." Obviously, they were smoking good crack and were passing it around because now they have support from other vendors and are hiring new people. Wow!

The next talk I attended was Carl's tutorial on Cairo. It's nice to see their drawing API which is very clean. And I understand that it will hit everyone's desktop come 2.12, which will be fun, no? Carl says this implies that he has about 6 weeks to finish freezing Cairo's API, so I understand why he looks so very very tired.

At about lunch time, I walked over to Chilly Chiles and bought a big bag of dried peppers. For some odd reason, when I was paying, all three employees thanked me warmly for my patronage. I thought this was kind of weird, because I hadn't dropped an obscene amount of money, but I did smile and acknowledge their thanks.

The final BOF I attended was the Debian Women BOF. I'm super glad that there's good core support for more women in Debian, and it looks like this effort is working well. I haven't had the time to follow the mailing lists but I was shocked at the kind of reception women get from the public. I understand that Pascal, for the first time in Debian's history, has had to ban a poster because of the horrible comments that he's written. Whatever possesses people to write such vitrol, I will never understand.

After that, I attended Jeff's dinner party which was very nice. Lots of people showed up and we ate well. I think I was really exhausted after that because I remember deciding that the floor was a safer place for me because of my lowered potential energy.