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Inflection point

  • 17th Mar, 2004 at 1:36 AM

On Monday, I pinged Prof. Malton with an e-mail about dvipkps and my progress. He sent me back some sample PostScript files that were mangled, and I can happily use those as test data. We'll see how well my recognition works, once I actually write that chunk of code.

Then I had people over. Dinner consisted of salmon fish cakes (Julie's recipe) with tartar sauce, Irish beef stew, fresh-baked soda bread, and bread-and-butter pudding. It was all very well received, and I had a bunch of happily full friends. Things aren't so bad when your stomach is full of home-cooked food, eh?

Oh... My roommate's brother came over for March Break. He's a pretty large guy, probably on the tail-end of his growth spurt. This means that he goes to the fridge about every half-hour, opening the door and hoping to see something interesting. He broke one of my bowls when it fell out of the fridge; which isn't very good since I only have two of them.

Where was I? Ah yes. Yesterday, I went to see Prof. van Beek about graduate school. He recommended that I volunteer as a Research Assistant for some professor, and have him write me a glowing recommendation letter. He was pretty non-committal about whether this would help a lot, but I guess it's the only thing that I can productively do. We'll see if I can save a good amount of money over the Spring, and then come back in the Fall.