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2005 Ottawa Linux Symposium, Day 3

  • 24th Jul, 2005 at 9:25 AM

Tiki lamps at the Blackthorn
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Saturday started out pretty well, since the first talk didn't begin until noon. I went downstairs to the pool for a swim and float with Jeff, and we agreed to have a leisurely lunch together. I was wondering how we could do this, since he was working as a volunteer audio monitor. It turns out that we couldn't, and that Jeff had to run off while I was getting ready to go.

This change of plan was alright, since I went back to our room and found dcoombs again. He was itching to go for a walk, so we did. I was itching to go cycling, so we walked to the rental shop which has moved out of its Chateau Laurier parking lot. There, we got two bikes and rode around the Ottawa river. Up the Ottawa side and back the Gatineau side. It was a beautiful day for this: sunny, warm, friendly. I had a brilliant time. We saw some sculpture, a bunny, and a man who spoke softly and carried a big stick.

Dave Jones' keynote stressed the need for running more verification tools over source-code people have written. Indeed, that seems to be some very consistent advice coming out of the kernel people. I use valgrind and think you should too. He also mentioned static-checkers, whose research (I think) should be folded into GCC warnings. Almost everyone compiles with -Wall these days.

The closing party was very packed and very loud. I stayed about three hours before getting tired and leaving. There were too many people for me to deal with sanely, so I left before things started getting roudy. I still managed to scream at people and get some decent conversations going, but there was basically no space to move around.

I did manage to meet Charlotte, a ten-month developer who is already attending these conferences and drinking beer. She can't type yet, but I bet that by next OLS, she'll be partying hard and putting the rest of us old fogeys to shame.


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25th Jul, 2005 18:53 (UTC)
I found it better against the fence outside on the back porch, where I could carry on a conversation without screaming. The festivities continued in a party room at Les Suites, which started with about a dozen but quickly swelled to about twice that number.
25th Jul, 2005 19:07 (UTC)
I wasn't able to keep conscious for that long, so I turned in far earlier. I'm afraid I don't remember meeting you in real life, so we'll have to fix that next year.
25th Jul, 2005 19:23 (UTC)
We didn't meet, but I recognized your nametag and saw you zipping by at the symposium.... you were obviously preoccupied. Since we're both active in LJ, Flickr, and Linux (although I can't keep up with say LKML), love cooking (although I don't write much about it), I'll make an effort to say hi next time we're both at some event.
25th Jul, 2005 18:56 (UTC)
So *that's* where the bike shop went. I made a mental note of it last year but didn't know the name of it, so I walked all over for an hour and never found it. I never would have thought of looking under the bridge.
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