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  • 27th Jul, 2005 at 1:47 PM

I woke up this morning and sat down to do my e-mail. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.

"Oh hey! It's Wednesday," I said to myself, "that means I have to take out the recycling."

I grabbed the green box with all the stuff in it, put on my slippers, and shuffled outside to leave it on the sidewalk. Then I rubbed my bleary eyes and went back upstairs. Or tried to.

The front door had locked behind me. That's all right, I would just unlock it with my…. Oh. I left my keys upstairs.

The recycling men came by with their big green truck and emptied my box, so I went back out and retrieved it. Then I sat around on the steps some more.

What a great morning!



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27th Jul, 2005 18:15 (UTC)
It might be too late for your current email address, but a fresh email address + spammotel.com has done the trick for me.
27th Jul, 2005 19:54 (UTC)
So how'd you get back inside? Or are you wandering around Montreal in your slippers?

Good thing it's summertime, eh?
27th Jul, 2005 20:58 (UTC)
"Wandering around Montreal in your slippers?" -- presumably with WiFi as well.. :)
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