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Dinner party

  • 31st Jul, 2005 at 1:37 AM

I thought I'd be sick of actually interacting people for at least months after coming back from OLS. For some reason, which I cannot fully explain, I invited people over for dinner.

My preperation times for dinner parties keep on decreasing. I started cooking at 17:00 and had dinner ready by 20:00. That's only three hours! Cool.

As I came back from shopping for food, which I started to do at 16:00, I noticed that the new condominium on Mont-Royal and St. Urbain has been populated. There's this huge storefront that's got an artisan bakery in it. I think they're too big, but what do I know? I talked to them for a while and looked at their baked goods before deciding to buy an organic baguette.

Back at the house, I cooked dinner. My favourite thing about this dinner is that none of my guests had dietary restrictions. Wow, easy-peasy. Soon, pphaneuf showed up and we chatted for a couple of minutes before ayria arrived. My other two guests, Darin and jnc arrived a little later because they got lost.

Once the company was accounted for, we pulled out the bread, vinegar and oil. Then i served gazpacho which I had made earlier in the day. Since I only had a blender, this took longer than it should of, but I had fun chopping things with a knife. We then had penne with pesto and rosemary chicken. Finally, we finished with chocolate gelato.

We talked about so many things, mostly geeky, but the point that I remember the most is Pierre mentioning that I'm a "bringer of civilisation". That is, I show up in any situation and I attempt to civilise it. I'm not sure if this is some strange Victorian influence where I want to contain chaos, but that's just what I do. Whereas Pierre seems to have set himself up as my opposite, as he is the "bringer of chaos". Strangely, he doesn't have multiple arms so I think that's a rather clever disguise.


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31st Jul, 2005 06:08 (UTC)
I actually have massive dietary restrictions, but nothing that'll kill me, it's just parts of my brain are wired all wrong (for example, white rice is super tasty to me, and the thought of biting into a tomato makes me queasy), so I just don't mention it (there's just no way to figure it all out) and see how it goes.

But you really hit paydirt for me, it was all very good!

And would I have been an ancient greek, I might very well have worshipped Eris. ;-)
31st Jul, 2005 08:25 (UTC)
... for the fairest one...
31st Jul, 2005 18:56 (UTC)
And I would have paid homage to Prometheus. Strange that.

By the by, you do know you can worship Eris in this day and age.
31st Jul, 2005 19:06 (UTC)
Heh. I'm not really the worshipper kind, though. Following decrees from high on isn't really my thing. ;-)
31st Jul, 2005 19:11 (UTC)
But that's why Discordianism is so suited to you!
31st Jul, 2005 19:47 (UTC)
Well, now I want to eat a hot-dog. Well done, Simon.
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