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An unexpected caller

  • 31st Jul, 2005 at 5:15 PM

Tricycle cab
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I woke up this morning to a pile of dishes: leftovers from last night. I was starting to wash them when I received an unexpected telephone call. Gladys was calling me!

I've known Gladys, and her sister Maria, since we were children. Our parents went to Northern College together and they had all decided to settle in Canada. That's why we were playmates as kids. Now we've drifted apart, but I couldn't mistake her voice.

She's moving to Montréal and gave me a call. I've been keeping my spare futon for her, because Dad had asked me to. With any luck, she'll take it off my hands so I won't have to dispose of it myself. Anyway, we decided to meet up for brunch.

Maria informed me that we should go to l'Avenue de Plateau on Mont-Royal at St. Laurent. I found out that this was wrong when I bumped into it walking past St. Denis. I also found the two sisters standing in line outside, which we agreed was too much work for breakfast. So we crossed the street to eat at a place called Café Ajaxjava. (I think.)

I ordered an omelette. Someone else ordered eggs overeasy with ham, and the third ordered caramel covered Belgian waffles. The waffles were too sugary for my taste. The eggs and ham seemed fine. They had seriously overcooked and oversalted my omelette. In fact, they strangely asked me if I wanted my omelette well-done when I asked for it. My shocked look didn't seem to have any effect on the kitchen. At least my cappuccino was good. It even had a nice leaf drawn into the foam.

After food, we exchanged contact information and parted ways.


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31st Jul, 2005 23:43 (UTC)
Well-done omelettes? What is this world coming to?
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