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On Tuesday we had beer

  • 31st Jul, 2005 at 6:15 PM

Jon Masters
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Alasdair Kergon
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Actually, I don't think either Jon nor Alasdair had any beer to drink. But we did convince Alasdair to drink cranberry juice instead of orange. Cranberry juice is the gateway beverage to things like cosmopolitans!

Let's back up a bit. We invited people from OLS to visit Montréal: Jon and Alasdair actually came. I realised this when they showed up in our office and asked where to go for dinner. I think we went around and settle on eating at the big Reubens. I've never been there and the food is, uhm, overpriced. Then we went to Grumpy's because that's where Pierre was heading. I think we hung out there and increased the geek quotient of that place by several magnitudes.

I'm just writing this down now so I don't forget.