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  • 2nd Aug, 2005 at 11:40 PM

I got off work a little early to meet mricon. He meant to take a taxi to my front door, so I thought I'd get there in time to meet him. But a little detour to pick up groceries wouldn't hurt, now would it?

Three grocery stores later, I had what I wanted in hand. I waited for the bus, got on, got off, and negotiated my way through the park. Or rather, dodged through it as I wove past the soccer balls and footballs that were hurtling through the air.

Once past these hazards, I noticed a man standing near the building. I called out and got a wave in response. Here he was, standing in the horrible heat, with two backpacks, two duffle bags, and a messenger bag. And here I was with an umbrella and a couple bags of groceries. I eventually convince the front door to open and we walked upstairs to my flat.

Now it wasn't this warm when I left in the morning, and I was sure that the freak thunderstorm would cool it off, but it was sweltering once I opened the door. I quickly turned on the fans and the air conditioner and set about making dinner. After getting that running, I turned on the wireless router, tried to convince it to work, and think I succeeded. It was at about this time that Damian and angorian showed up.

We had a nice chat and I played some selections of my new Vestibules CD, which I ordered from British Columbia. You know what the best thing about Festival Distribution was? Not that they sign up independent Canadian artists and publish their work; no, no. They handwrite the address on the envelopes. Why someone would transcribe addresses from their database-backed website, I can't fathom. But they did. So I wrote them a thank-you note.