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Shopping for food

  • 7th Aug, 2005 at 3:04 PM

I woke up to the sound of water running.

Raining? Flooding? Dishes? Yes, definitely dishes.

I got up, walked over the to kitchen and thanked mricon, who was up to his elbows in dirty dishes, as cheerfully as I could.

Oh. Maybe you need some context here.

Yesterday, I decided that it would be a good idea to get some food for the dinner party I was hosting this evening. So I invited Konstantin to come with me to Marché Jean-Talon. I strapped my huge blue backpack on, and we set out for food and adventure.

Ten minutes later, we were in the Sherbrooke métro station and Konstantin was buying tickets. I tried to get a transit map for him, but they were all out. Anyway, we rode the subway up to Jean-Talon where we got out. I was a little disoriented as I'm completely horrible with directions, but I managed to get us heading in the right direction by noticing that people with armloads of groceries were coming from that direction.

Tomates en grappe
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.
I managed to pick up some plum tomatoes, beats, potatoes, carrots, pineapple, and corn. Actually, the peaches-and-cream corn this year was certainly more cream than peach. But it tasted fine, so I bought half a dozen. Oh, I picked up some cheese, organic cream and pesto as well, for who could resist that? And of course, if I had tomatoes, I certainly had to get basil. So I bought a whole bunch of it. It's sitting in a pot right now, trying not to wilt, because I'm too tired to turn it into spaghetti sauce at this particular moment.

We caught the 80 sud to Mont-Royal, where we got off and walked back home. I would have waited a little further, but the bus driver decided to get off and go to the McDonalds' on that corner. We had a nice stroll through the park, I avoided being run over by cyclists, and I unloaded my things into the fridge. Then it was time to cook.

I made some vegetarian borscht, and then decided to make some deviled eggs for an hors d'oeuvre. For dessert, I did a simple chocolate-covered pineapple. Colin and Bogdan showed up, and we had a happy time tucking into the food and chatting amongst ourselves. The food seemed to go down well as people went for seconds, so I'm right pleased with myself.



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7th Aug, 2005 22:55 (UTC)
It is ironic that they import tomatoes from Europe when local tomatoes are just rippening up.
8th Aug, 2005 00:25 (UTC)
That is what I thought.

I went and bought fresh Québec tomatoes, because I figured they'd be tastier. A little less round and red, though.
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