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  • 11th Aug, 2005 at 10:43 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

This morning, I spent a lot of time squishing bugs.

I'd like to tell you about Valgrind and its wonderful relative, KCachegrind. I only used those tools to squash two bugs. That's another story, though.

When I went into the kitchen this morning, I alarmed a swarm of flies. This caused them to buzz around the tiny room. They had appeared, by abiogenesis it seemed, overnight. Not only that, they were alarming in number. I went back into the dining room and rolled a newspaper; thus armed, I strode back into the kitchen. There, I wraught such carnage that mricon poked his head in to see what was causing the furious racket.

Thirty-odd kills later, I had a quiet domicile again.


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12th Aug, 2005 03:40 (UTC)
Not sure why... but I instantly remembered being 5 years old... and taking a broom to a mouse that ran across the kitchen floor... to the point of brain spillage.

Freaked my mother out completely. Made my little brother laugh...

flies = maggots... is there something funky in your apartment? or around your apartment (inside/outside)? Seems like a lot of flies...

:) Nancy
12th Aug, 2005 03:47 (UTC)
I believe they snuck their way in through the husks of some corn we bought at Jean-Talon.
12th Aug, 2005 04:25 (UTC)
Well, don't look at me!
17th Aug, 2005 19:12 (UTC)
guilty conscience?


:) Nancy
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