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A evening walk

  • 12th Aug, 2005 at 12:46 AM

Chalk outline
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last night, as I was walking back from a game of Devil Bunny Needs a Ham, I heard a familiar drone in the air.

A drum beat, a trill, and the warm drone of the bagpipes. I walked into the parking lot of the Bleury armoury, and saw a group of people playing marching tunes. They were behind a chain-link fence, in a little concrete courtyard behind the armoury. Their audience stood in the parking lot: some with their arms crossed, others leaning against the fence. I walked up, and a young man asked me for a smoke.

After the musicians finished playing, most of them walked with their bagpipes back into the building. Two men stayed outside, stout men, who informed us that they would be having a concert on 1 October at 19:00 at the armoury. I whipped out my little notebook and jotted this down. They were reservists and were playing to raise funds for their little band. They were quite good and I have a certain fondness for the bagpipes, so I'll try to make an appearance.

The gentleman who approached me earlier now talked to the musicians. He informed them that he was a musician as well; in a completely different genre. I left them to discuss the types of music he played, and walked up Parc. It was there that I discovered someone drew around a shadow on the sidewalk. It was so stunning to my mind that I took a picture of it. The impact, alas, is not the same.


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12th Aug, 2005 13:19 (UTC)
There are outlined shadows like that on Mont Royal too. Aren't they cool?
12th Aug, 2005 18:27 (UTC)
cheap-ass games are great.

i've played 'devil bunny needs a ham', but i still haven't played 'devil bunny hates the earth'.
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