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  • 12th Aug, 2005 at 1:38 PM

I realised that I might have left the steamer basket to my pressure cooker at Les Suites.

I'm so absent-minded! I've called them up and left a message with housekeeping. With any luck, they'll find it and ship it to me.



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12th Aug, 2005 19:29 (UTC)
K recently brought this to my attention. Each trip I take I seem to leave something behind or forget to take something, including: 1) failing to take my passport with me to Ottawa in February (US border folks were NOT amused about reentry), 2) leaving my Sonicare in Massachusetts, 3) leaving my cell phone at home for OLS 2005 and asking her to overnight it. She's rightly annoyed. I'm trying now to get my travel up over 50% 'remembered everything coming and going' level. This week's travel to Alameda was perfect.
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