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It's too early for…

  • 22nd Aug, 2005 at 7:15 AM

System-administration in the morning. The power went back on in Waterloo sometime this morning, so Tor and I logged into peri, sugar, and caramel-colour to fix them up. We realised, with regret, that h3po4 and h2o did not wake up properly.


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22nd Aug, 2005 14:36 (UTC)
Did your RAID volumes mount out-of-order? I got a weird permutation of what I was supposed to get on the MathSoc server. I have no idea who decided it would be a good idea to juggle /dev/mdx, but I'd like to give them a booting.

Also, you old fart, what are you doing still sysadminning for the CSC?
22nd Aug, 2005 14:39 (UTC)
No RAID. The watch battery in h2o is dead, so it is probably stuck in its BIOS screen. One of these days, someone must fix that.

I have no idea why h3po4 did not come up. Perhaps it's not set to do that automatically.

As for systems administration? I do very little of it now, but Tor (the outgoing CSC sysadmin) was staying in my living room. It was only courteous to offer him a terminal and some assistance.
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