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Working late

  • 27th Aug, 2005 at 2:49 AM

Do not rub hard
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

It is well past my bedtime and I'm still at the office. Things have been mighty busy at work, but I feel like I've been doing important tasks; so I don't mind too much. As long as the things I do channel into keeping people clothed and fed, doing these things seem like a pretty good utility to me.

Co-workers can get pretty annoying if they can no longer afford food or clothes. Being hit up for spare change while at work is totally uncool.

In fact, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to write any interesting things at all. Unless you count Subversion commit messages as interesting. Say, I've got a great idea. Maybe I could write all of my commit messages in verse! That's an awesome idea.

Or maybe it only seems that way because it's almost three in the morning.

The past two weeks or so have blurred. I've worked overtime every day: waking up to the computer, having some food, staying at the office until really late, and then going home. I worked over the weekend and even forwent a dinner party.

I did manage to meet up with Tor when he showed up in Montréal. I knew he was travelling up here, but he never actually told me which weekend. Since it is a 700 kilometre trip to Waterloo, it was the least I could do to hang out with him for a while. Good thing I checked in some code that day.

Now I'm sitting in the office, waiting for the hours to tick away. About every two hours, I go to the server room, unplug some computers, and plug them back in. Testing, you see. The good news is that everything is passing with flying colours. I don't want to think about the bad news. Instead, I will have another cup of tea.