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Galean visits

  • 29th Aug, 2005 at 9:22 PM

After Saturday's little adventure, I crashed fairly hard. It took a lot of sleep before I was coherent again: a state I like to be in. It makes me feel a little frail that I push my limits quite as far anymore. I suppose it's a side-effect of growing up.

Gaelan at Santropol
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

By Sunday, I had recovered quite well, and was starting to feel chipper again. I had put my telephone next to my bed, so I'd be woken up if anyone decided to need my help, or if there was a work-related emergency. There wasn't.

Moments after I awoke, lambda_calculus gave me a ring. He's in town with his family, touring Montréal until the end of the month. Of course, I had invited him to drop by and hang out with me, so that's exactly what we did. I discovered that he was calling from a bar, so I showered, dressed, and ran over. Strangely enough, he wasn't there, so I asked the barkeep if she had seen someone who looked like him. She nodded, and told me "cinq minutes," which I presume meant he left five minutes ago.

Since I am a patient person, I sat around at the bar for a while until he showed up. We then walked to Santropol, because it was on his list of places to eat. Happily, I walked him there and we had tasty sandwiches. Afterward, I felt the rain start to fall, so I ran back home and picked up my umbrella.

Cats at the door
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Discovering that Gaelan didn't like beer, had no money to shop, and wasn't keen on stuffing his face; I was in a slight dilemma. I didn't want to drag him to tourist-traps, he even indicated that he had days reserved for going there. So I took him on a meandering tour of my neighbourhood, and pointed out little bits of architecture. We also had a very good time talking about what had happened to us in the last year. He had certainly changed quite a bit, since I last talked to him socially.

Eventually, we ended up trying to go to the Canadian Centre for Architecture, but they had closed at 17:00. Instead, we walked over to Au Bistro Gourmet where we had a very fine dinner. He had steak tartar for the first time, and I decided to see if their sweetbreads in porcini sauce was any good. It was.

By the time we had finished our dining adventure, it was getting late and Galean was due back at his hotel. So we got into the Metro and I waved good night at Place des Arts. He seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit, and indicated that he wasnted to come back sometime. I hope he does, since conversing with him was quite interesting.


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30th Aug, 2005 01:31 (UTC)
Hehe, that's an aweosme photo of Gaelan! I really should get into the habit of carrying my camera everywhere like you.
30th Aug, 2005 02:15 (UTC)
You should! You cannot take pictures if you don't have your camera with you.
30th Aug, 2005 04:49 (UTC)
This is, in fact, the reason I got a teeny-weeny camera that takes bad pictures, because bad pictures are much better than no pictures at all.
30th Aug, 2005 04:51 (UTC)
I was slightly more indulgent, and got a small camera that sometimes takes good pictures.

It is convenient enough for me to take around with me, but not so convenient as to fit in a pocket. As long as I only do exciting things during the day, I'm basically set!
3rd Sep, 2005 20:50 (UTC)
That was definitely a great day, and a great conversation. Thanks, Simon!
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