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It's raining

  • 1st Sep, 2005 at 8:55 PM

"Simon, you'd better look at this," he said.

I swivelled in my seat, then poked my head out my door. There, Konstantin was standing by the balcony door, looking up at the ceiling.

You see, yesterday, we were indoors due to a large thunderstorm that was just passing through.

Water was pouring from above. Above the door. On to the floor.

I got out some towels and mopped it up as best I could. I opened the door to see if I could locate the source of the leak, but this was not particularly useful. Insofar as preventing the floor from getting wet, it was a total bust.

Today, I called the landlord so that he could look at it. Water coming indoors is not particularly good. He hmmed to himself a bit, and then decided to look at the flat upstairs. He figured that perhaps the balcony upstairs did not have a very watertight doorstep, and asked that I tell him if it leaked again.