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  • 5th Sep, 2005 at 1:00 PM

On Saturday, as I was turning on some music, I realised that the left speaker didn't work. I thought this might have been because it got rained upon, so I tried to figure out what was wrong. I turned on the television, started fiddling around with the controls, and eventually decided that the equaliser inside had fried. I was going to take apart the amplifier when I noticed the television had gone blank.

Then I noticed that the TV output on the video card of my living room computer had blown out. That's not so bad, because I can still use it over the network, but I can't see anything on its display. I guess I'll have to use a multimetre and see if it's something obvious. I didn't see any burnt chips or resistors on the logic board, so I'm praying that it's a bad solder joint. But I guess I can still use the card in some other computer, even if I buy a replacement.

Then, sometime Sunday morning I realised I was lame, and forgot to feed Diva. I wonder if she'll forgive me if I brought her some salmon, or some roast chicken?



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5th Sep, 2005 22:28 (UTC)
No non-catfood for the Diva! I'm sure she'd love it, but it's better for her health if she abstains. But I decided to keep the proper tortillon cheese in brine that I found the other day for myself! ;-)
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