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Departures and arrivals

  • 6th Sep, 2005 at 6:01 PM

Adam Zey
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Friday, I discovered that elliptic_curve was heading down here by train. I knew she was coming for a month, but the day had never really firmed up, until a couple hours before she was due to leave. She told me that she'd be arriving around midnight, so there was plenty of time to take Adam out for a celebratory meal.

He's off to Concordia, you see. Out into the wide world of higher education, and frustrating bureaucracy. He had gone to an orientation session earlier in the afternoon, where they stuffed him with bad free beer. I was going to clean his palate with excellent free beer.

I took him to Brasserie Reservoir, which is not only a very nice microbrewery near my place, but it also has a splendid kitchen that turns out very nice meals. We both tucked into plates of salmon tartare, and enjoyed them very much.

After saying goodnight to Adam, I realised that there were a couple of hours left to while away before Julie showed up. I planned to take a nap, so I head home. There, I found six messages waiting for me on the answering machine, so I called Julie's telephone and was informed that she had managed to catch the 17:00 train.

I went down to the station as quickly as possible, where I found a slight impatient, but mostly gleeful, Julie. We tried to find some dinner, which involved getting sandwiches at Schwartz's. Then it was back to my place, where we pulled out the guest bed (for me), and set up the bedroom for Julie. This was so she could close the door to keep Timin out. Poor kitty, his mistress is now allergic to him.