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  • 6th Sep, 2005 at 7:27 PM

Julie on Duluth
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I woke up bright and early, Saturday Sunday morning. Something wonderful was about to occur. I got showered, dressed, and then headed for the supermarket. Returning home with a full backpack and an armload of groceries, I set about bustling in the kitchen.

Ever since I moved into my new flat, I've been wanting to have a picnic. Why not? There's a park right outside my front door, with trees and grass and tables and sunshine. Perfect for the civilised consumption of food and ants.

When angorian mentioned that she'd like to picnic, I was enthused by this plan. Sadly, I'm not very good at expressing enthusiasm. Nevertheless, Damian and Angorian showed up at my doorstep at around 13:00, and we had finished assembling a meal by 14:00.

I loaded up a basket with plates and cutlery, and gave this to Angorian. Damian took the salad bowl and some food. I carried a tray of goodies out the door. Konstantin was in charge of beverages, and Julie was left with locking the doors. We marched across the street, where we quickly claimed a picnic table in the sun. Out came the tableclothes and we spread out our humble feast. There was a garden salad, baguette and butter, deviled eggs, salmon fish-cakes, fried chicken, shrimp soba, and banana-chocoloate muffins. After a brief moment for the shutterbugs to take their pictures, we sat down and passed around the food. We all ate greedily, until we were stuffed and there was nothing but a chicken leg left.

I put it on a plate and suggested that Julie take it to the table next to us, where a girl was studying intently. "What if she's vegetarian," she worried, but in the end the girl was seen happily munching away on her surprise treat. It's pretty difficult to resist such a quintessential picnic food when seated at a picnic table.



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6th Sep, 2005 23:37 (UTC)
What a summery tale. I like it :)
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