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In which I complain

  • 7th Sep, 2005 at 2:00 PM

Sunday was a lazy, hazy day. I remember little, and it seems that it's gotten all jumbled in my head. Well, the little church by my house had a little festival going on, with steel drums and a brass band.

I feel the spirit of this place is trying to pull me out of my sedate shell. It certainly is difficult to resist this smiling portion of the city.

Bread basket
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Julie spent the day exploring by herself, so I puttered about the house, did a little sweeping and took a nap. As I was going to go out to the Tam Tam Jam and see if they had any interesting textiles for sale, Julie came back. We eventually settled on sandwiches at Café Santropol. I've been eating there far too often because it's too convenient.

I had a fairly bland vegetarian chili. Later, when I was paying, I mentioned this and the waitress said there were hot sauces. And she said that people came from far and wide to eat this dish, so they couldn't change the recipe. Honestly, I didn't want it any spicier. I just wanted it to, you know, contain flavour.

I feel that this is a big problem with Ithica vegetarian cooking. You know, the little hippie collective of people turning out ethical food. Don't get me wrong, I love fresh, local, responsible food. It's good for the palate and good for the soul. But it's also ethical to make mouths say "hello!", isn't it?

Oh my, that turned into more of a rant than I thought it would.

On Saturday, after dinner, we strolled down to Cinema du Parc, where we saw The Brothers Grimm. I expected a pleasant Terry Gillam movie, and that's what basically was delivered. It's good that it was comedic horror, because there was some wickedly hilarious gags there. True to form, Gillam sets the visual scene for horror, and then something ludicrous pops in and you can't help but giggle. Or at least, I can't.

Sadly, the plot is full of holes that you could sail a liner through. Normally, this isn't a big problem for movies like Time Bandits, because those films are so fantastic that reality's only tied together by a very thin thread. However, Grimm tries quite hard to be normal outside of the fantastic setting, and so the inconsistencies in those scenes are particularly jarring.

Man, I can't stop ranting at all. This is horrible. I'm going to give up now and do some more hacking.


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7th Sep, 2005 21:48 (UTC)
You've got some very strange time-mangling going on with your memory for the last couple posts. We had the picnic on Sunday, not Saturday. And as far as I know, you went to Brothers Grimm on Saturday because you'd already seen it by the time we talked to you on Sunday. Maybe you've forgotten Monday was a holiday ?
7th Sep, 2005 21:49 (UTC)
Oh man. I guess my brain got messed up.
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