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  • 7th Sep, 2005 at 6:03 PM

I'd never been in La Sala Rossa before. Oh, I've walked past it a couple of time and looked at their "hiring a cook" ad, but never with any interest. It's a pretty interesting place, with a small Spanish restaurant on the second floor. The venue on the third floor is a nice room that's got the feel of a gym that's been turned into prom night.

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Julie and I got tickets to see this show, because she had seen Xiu Xiu before and liked them. I was willing to do a little bit of audio experimentation, so I was happy to go along.

Yellow Swans
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Frog Eyes
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The opening act, Yellow Swans, appears to be an exercise in controlled feedback. "I have to say that it's loud," admitted the lead guitarist. They had brought their own speakers, probably because people would get mad if they destroyed someone else's. But they did their thing and it did seem like some people enjoyed it, even though I had no idea what they were trying to accomplish.

I went to the DJ's nest to take pictures of Frog Eyes. Other people got off the floor and started standing near the stage. I really couldn't understand the lyrics of the main singer, only his very heavy breathing, which is sort of sad. I did get a nice vibe from the drummer, who had absolutely impeccable time. Julie bought one of their CDs, so perhaps I will try listening to that and see if I enjoy their stuff.

Xiu Xiu
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By the time Xiu Xiu came on stage, the place was getting too warm for the air conditioning to keep up. About a hundred people had shown up and the HVAC system was having trouble with the smoke and the sweat.

I was taking pictures of the band up front, and a girl offered me her chair to stand on. Then later, I bumped into someone else with a PowerShot G5 who was trying to get decent pictures. Sadly, my camera is too dinky to get anything but blurry pictures in a darkened room. I'll just say something like, "it conveys a sense of dynamicism from the performers." Yeah, that's it.

After putting my camera away, I did a little moving to the music. What was amusing was that the show was filled with people in tank-tops and tight T-shirts. Hands crossed across their chest, or hands in their pockets. They all looked approximately the same, which is pretty funny, and pretty Torontonian normal. I bumped in to a girl, or rather she bumped into me, who wore a white flower dress. She was bouncing around and having a great time dancing. Later, I saw her hopping up and down with a group of three people. I have to admit that she was the best dressed concert-goer there.

Beside me were these two teenaged kids: it looked like they were on a date. The boy was dancing his heart out, or perhaps his brain. His style of dance really didn't coincide with any rhythm (Xiu Xiu played in 2/4 or 4/4 time); I was initially concerned that he was having an epileptic fit. Eventually, his date became less embarassed by him and started dancing as well. She did much better.

Oh, and Julie? She had a drumstick thrown at her by Jamie. Not on purpose, I think. But now she has spoils and a souvenir!