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Vente de garage ↴

  • 11th Sep, 2005 at 6:55 PM

Garage sale
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Yesterday, elliptic_curve and I went off to get a messenger bag for her. As we turned the corner on Duluth, we noticed that Santropol Roulant was holding a garage sale.

Not just any garage sale, but a fashion show as well! There were awesome people parading around in designer clothes that were up for auction. They had boxes of books, racks of clothes, and a chest of toys. It was really awesome! Julie got a garbage bag full of clothes, and I managed to pick up some books, music, and casserole dishes. One of which I broke by accident.

After our little spending spree, we went to Propulsion, where they had held a black bag for Julie. We spent almost an hour trying on bags, whereupon I ended up with the black one and Julie got an olive green one. We strode out of the, already closed, store in style.

Muskoka chair
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.
Today, we went about the town and couldn't walk two steps without bumping into more garage sales. I had wisely chosen to bring my new bag and soon it was briming with our marvellous finds. We eventually ended up at St. Viateur bagel, where we procured smoked salmon, cream cheese, and bagels. We sat in a giant chair and ate brunch greedily.

That was about when we saw joenotcharles and vierge_en_trop, who had switched places and appeared to be stalking us! I don't mind, though, as they are fun people to be stalked by. Joe told us that "it looks like other people sit in these chairs, but you guys look like you're living in one." I can only be flattered by our ability to make any place homey and awesome. We offered them some bagel with cream cheese, and then they ran off to do their things. I swept the sesame seeds off my shirt, and we let some kid take over our chair. Then we went home.

But not before bumping into yet another garage sale, filled with books about "failed ideologies of the twentieth century."


12th Sep, 2005 04:08 (UTC)
Hey! Thanks for making me look like the biggest yuppie ever!
12th Sep, 2005 05:37 (UTC)
You're welcome!

If looking awesome and scoring wicked deals on used items is wrong; I don't wanna be right.