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  • 30th Mar, 2004 at 4:20 PM

I've just finished my Databases' project, and so I have my life back.

Boy I'm tired.

Now, I have to organise Pints with Profs.


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31st Mar, 2004 01:28 (UTC)
You do too much!!

Also, did you send that event to the uws event calendar? :P
31st Mar, 2004 04:12 (UTC)

Overworked? Never.

Oh. uwstudent.org event calendar? It never figured into my mind. I think we asked CAR from the Daily Bulletin to post something, but I'm not sure he ever did.

There are just too many event calendars on campus. Someone needs to aggregate them. There's the Nexus event calendar, and the IPR calendar for the Daily Bulletin, and then the Gazette, and then uwstudent.org. Man, I probably should have posted it to uwaterloo but forgot about that too.

1st Apr, 2004 04:58 (UTC)
Someone needs to aggregate them

1st Apr, 2004 16:13 (UTC)

Perhaps. But not by me. My time has here has past.

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