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Taqueria La Nacion

  • 12th Sep, 2005 at 8:07 PM

Here comes the sun
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Today's luncheon was quite filling. So filling, in fact, that I could be seen napping on the couch after I had fixed all of my critical bugs.

At around 13:30, cloquewerk and I walked into the Second Cup near Condordia. (That's the one at Faubourg, with the free wireless Internet.) We were there to meet elliptic_curve to lunch and chat, but since she was late, Mark and I had a chance to talk a bit. We've both been so very busy that it was nice to catch up with each other for a while.

Then Julie breezed in to the shop and apologised profusely for her lateness. Since we were all starving, we decided that getting fed was of the utmost priority.

After walking west a bit, we encountered Taqueria La Nacion (1850, rue Ste-Catherine O. 514-931-2956.) This is a new Mexican restaurant that's opened up recently, right in the middle of the Concordian food belt. Once seated, we were presented with complicated looking menus to check off our food choices.

Tamarind Jarritos
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.
Mark ordered the tacos de nopales, Julie the tacos de pollo, and I wanted the tacos al pastor. They brought us small bowls of fresh tortilla chips, salsa verde, and salsa roja. We devoured the still-warm tortilla chips and asked for more. Then came the soups. I had a large bowl of caldo de pollo, a chicken soup, heavily spiced with paprika, with generous bits of fried tortilla floating within. Mark got a sopa de frijoles negros that looked very hearty. We all decided that a perfect meal could be obtained by ordering a large bowl of tortilla chips, accompanied by generous bowls of their awesome salsa, alongside a large bowl of soup.

Our drinks came next: served in generous plastic cups, they weren't fancy but they were good. I did find my agua de horchata a little on the sweet side, but it was tasty nevertheless. Soon came our plates of food, which were incredibly generous. Each of us got six fresh corn tortilla, on which the topping was ladled generously. My pork was a little less spiced than I expected, but pleasantly flavourful. The meat was cooked well, without being overdone. The sides, being black beans and mexican rice, seemed a little flat as if they had been sitting around for a while.

As for criticisms: the cilantro that they sprinkled heavily atop everything was not very well washed, so there was the occasionally unpleasant bite of sand. This I politely mentioned to the waitress once we were done, and she seemed to take it well. I plan to go there again to see if they've fixed the problem. As well, their service is a little bit confused, but I think this should improve with time.

This place was good value for money. We were certainly well fed for twelve dollars per person, so I think I'll try them again. With any luck, their small problems with vegetable washing will be solved, and I can recommend it without reservations.


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13th Sep, 2005 01:35 (UTC)
I think you should be a resturant critic!
13th Sep, 2005 02:02 (UTC)
Although I would dearly love to spend other people's money going to town, I suspect that I'd have to eat at many horrible places.

I'm afraid my palate wouldn't thank me for it. I'd probably also balloon like a whale! After eating out too often, I crave home-cooked meals.
13th Sep, 2005 04:00 (UTC)
Oh god, now I am in desperate need of good Mexican food. I haven't had proper South American food since high school. :(
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