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Aux Vivres

  • 13th Sep, 2005 at 10:29 PM

Tonight, there was something wrong with Aux Vivres. Their buttered chapati didn't taste normal (it never actually does), nor did their Dragon Bowl (which was far too salty). We were suitably unimpressed, and Julie was even more disappointed. She had been craving the Dragon Bowl for a couple of days now.

Perhaps the kitchen was having an off day?


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(Deleted comment)
14th Sep, 2005 14:55 (UTC)
Aux Vivres is not an Indian restaurant, but is actually a vegan fusion place. Normally, their food is tasty, but last night it failed to impress.

I have not tried Bombay Mahal, because the Indian food in this city depresses me. I shall go there under your recommendation with higher hopes.
16th Sep, 2005 04:00 (UTC)
Bombay Mahal
Jeff and I LUUURRVE Bombay Mahal. It's the place Jeff wanted to take you on Tuesday when you were talking about curry places. Tonight we toddled over to Aux Vivres, and I guess that on Tuesday they had a bad cook, or a really bad day, because I really enjoyed it- had the dragon bowl, which was savory and totally yummy!
19th Sep, 2005 04:26 (UTC)
Re: Bombay Mahal
These are obviously two different places:

ravi is talking about Buffet Bombay Mahal, which I have not yet tried.

Jeff took me to Restaurant Bombay Mahal, which is quite a bit further than that. But I'm glad you like the food there.
(Deleted comment)
19th Sep, 2005 04:26 (UTC)
That sounds quite pleasant. I don't mind spice, so I'll try the "medium" to see what that's like.
25th Sep, 2007 15:30 (UTC)
South Indian
I'd die for Montreal to open a south indian restaurant, preferably vegetarian. We just don't get south indian here.
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