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  • 19th Sep, 2005 at 9:45 PM

Lanterns by the waterfront
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Sunday morning started off marvelously. I left home bright and early and arrived at 富麗華 before everyone else. I was wandering around outside thinking I got the time wrong when Avery showed up. Then Peter Zion and a friend from out of town (Dave?) arrived. We had agreed to meet for 早茶, and with this group, we had critical mass to go inside. The restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived, but it quickly filled up.

Mich showed up with Brigitte, whom I never met before. Then Damian and angorian arrived. This time, since I wasn't sitting on the edge of the table, the dim sum ladies were far less pushy. In fact, they asked Angorian whether she wanted certain things and she gave them a confused look. This strategy of mine is something I have to keep in mind for future reference.

Linda showed up last, and took over ordering things to eat. By this time, we were pretty full, so we would just sat around drinking tea and chatting. Linda invited us all to go play with lanterns later in the evening. You see, Sunday was 中秋節, so at least I couldn't just stay at home and not celebrate. Avery, Linda, and I agreed to meet in the park at 20:00.

Later that evening, we reconvened in the park and lit our paper lanterns. Some old Chinese ladies commented that only people in the countryside did such things. We paid them no heed and set off for Old Montréal. There, we managed to acquire quizzical looks from passers-by. I felt a little silly, but it was sure a lot of fun to walk around with my red and yellow lantern. Since we were using small candles, they would burn out with regular frequency, but I developed an excellent technique for getting a new one going in less than ten seconds. Avery is considering patenting it.

We walked by the harbourfront, trying to find dark paths, but basically failed. Montréal is too safe a city with its brightly lit sidewalks. So we contented ourselves with shining lanterns into bushes and scaring away the wildlife. Eventually, we tired of this and stopped by the Queues de Castor. After we fortified ourselves, we headed our separate ways.


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20th Sep, 2005 08:39 (UTC)
those lanterns look gorgeously pretty! :)
20th Sep, 2005 13:58 (UTC)
Wow, that's really cool. I'll be in Montreal next weekend and I've been planning on going to the Botanical Gardens since, oh... LAST YEAR - to go see this year's Latern "festival". :-)

Can you tell me where I can get a lantern (or two or three) like the ones you have? I would LOVE to have some for my apartment/ balcony.
20th Sep, 2005 14:39 (UTC)
I understand that the lanterns there are gorgeous!

We got the cheap one-dollar stick-a-candle inside lanterns, which are incredibly traditionally. Sadly, they also have a life expectancy of about two hours, before something horrible happens and they burn up.

If you go to Chinatown here and walk into the stores, you'll be able to find paper lanterns that are designed to cover lightbulbs. Those are the ones you want for your apartment, being safer and longer lasting.

Drop me a line when you're in the city!
20th Sep, 2005 23:03 (UTC)
I don't mind the cheap one. I have seen the other kind and they run about 10 bucks each I think for the small ones and I can't afford that much for the half dozen or so I want. I don't mind buying the dollar ones and being careful, and not having high expectancies. Perhaps I'll buy combo fo the two.

I will definitely drop you a line. :-) I just realized though that I'll be in town TWO weekends from now. Not the next one as my original post states.
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