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  • 27th Sep, 2005 at 7:14 PM

Last night, I hung out with wlach, messiahdivine, cloquewerk and Mark's sister. She's been visiting from Halifax, and wanted to meet some of his friends.

We went to a new restaurant called Jean's, which within walking distance of Vendôme métro. It's a very small place, with cheap tables and chairs. In the back, there's a little grocery with various staples like tinned herring and tamarind.

The owner, Valerie, introduced herself and gossiped with Mark and messiahdivine, who have become regulars. We chatted with her for a while before she left us with the menus. We ordered and then talked amongst ourselves.

The pholourie arrived accompanied by a zingy tamarind relish. They were devoured instantly, while they were still fresh from the fryer. Our drinks came as well: an infusion of sorrel, a strong ginger beer, and some glasses of mauby. The mauby was a bitter drink that had a lot of sugar added to make it palatable. But I have a fondness for bitter things, so I shall perhaps try to make some at home.

The potato-chickpea roti was really good. On the side, there was some excellent green mango chutney. Not only was it tasty, it was also very filling. We all left after stuffing outselves silly, and we were all quite pleased.


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24th Mar, 2007 22:06 (UTC)
you were at a trini restaurant :)
24th Mar, 2007 22:39 (UTC)
I was. It was great!
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