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Mediæval Bæbes, or Pop Montreal, Day 1

  • 29th Sep, 2005 at 12:52 PM

Pop Montreal is rolling into town and so for the month of October, there will be a smörgåsbord of music that I can try out. Last night, was the beginning of this adventure.

Mediæval Bæbes
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I showed up to La Tulipe a little early and looked about the place. It was much less packed than the Sufjan Stevens concert, so that was quite nice. I found myself wondering if I should sit at a table up front, but then realised that I couldn't take any pictures that way. So I sat on some steps that were leaning against a wall, where I could stand up without disturbing any one.

A mandolin player and a drummer came up on stage and set up some sheets of music. Then six women, the Mediæval Bæbes, walked on and started singing a Latin choral piece. It was very well received by the audience, and sounded quite pleasant. After that, one of the singers started talking about the group and introduced the next song.

“So we wear long flowing dresses,
pretend to be virgins,
Why are you laughing?”

All of their music was wonderfully melodic and pleasing to the ear. The vocals were obviously the star of the show, with subdued accompaniment, which is something I quite like. They did a wide selection of group singing, with your standard choral group, and then some rounds, and even some dancing. I lack the musical background to describe what I heard, but it was all quite fun. And the performers seemed to be having a marvellous time: they would tell little jokes as part of their introduction to songs, and then would gossip amongst themselves every so often.

I didn't recognise many of their songs, except for "Scarborough Fair" which is recognisable by the Simon and Garfunkel version. Oh, and a French folk song, about dancing, whose name I could not tell you. The mandolinist did a solo which was very impressive, and one of the women also did a solo which was pretty awesome.

By the end of the concert, I was sitting beside an old woman would was enjoying herself immensely. She was the first one who stood up and started screaming "encore!" when the performers left the stage. Oh dear, now I'm at the point in my life where I'm more demure than grandmothers.

After the show, I bought a CD, got it signed and then headed out. The night was warm and the bus had just gone past, so I walked home humming to myself.


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29th Sep, 2005 16:59 (UTC)
I've enjoyed the little MB stuff I've heard, although it's not something I'd shell out for anytime soon. And who couldn't love a group with the word baebes in their name?
29th Sep, 2005 17:48 (UTC)
you take the most amazing photos. i always thought that.. and it's about time i spoke up!

keep me posted on upcoming shows you're going to. methinks i'd like that to tag along if you don't mind ;)
29th Sep, 2005 17:52 (UTC)

I suppose I should write up a list of shows that I'm going to, so that people can tag along.
29th Sep, 2005 19:13 (UTC)
Just wanted to say I like the pullquote. Good way to draw people in to a relatively long entry without using an lj-cut. (I use lj-cuts a lot because I'm in communities that require it, but apparently Tim hates them so it's good to have an alternative.)
29th Sep, 2005 19:23 (UTC)
I'm experimenting with ways to make my journal more fun to read. I think I'll be using pull-quotes to break up long articles that I don't have photographs for. But I really don't want to be quoting myself, as that seems a little pretentious.
29th Sep, 2005 23:24 (UTC)
Flash Photography
I hope you aren't using flash photography -- I'm sure you're more considerate than that, but flash photography is evil at concerts. The lead singer of Primus has been known to stop mid-song, tell the audience that there's a dick amongst them, and wait until the flash camera was produced. He then proceeds to use up the rest of the film taking pictures of things best left unmentioned and then returning it to it's owner.
29th Sep, 2005 23:56 (UTC)
Re: Flash Photography
You will notice that professional concert photographers rarely use flashes. That because it never actually works at concerts. Either you're too close and it makes the performers look flat. Or you're too far and it's completely useless.

If you take a look at my photographs, you'll notice that nothing's washed out. I have the opposite problem, which is that my compact camera doesn't gather enough light and things are too dark.
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