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Pop Montreal, Day 2

  • 1st Oct, 2005 at 6:10 PM

Au Revoir Simone
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Thursday, I headed down to the Academy Club where I saw two sets. I walked in, paid the cover charge, and bumped into the dorkiest man alive. Of course, I didn't tell him that; instead, I let him stamp my hand so I could get in.

I sat on some couches and scribbled in my notebook. Eventually, Au Revoir Simone came out and started playing on their synthesizers. Although they were dressed up in tight outfits and high heels, I couldn't help but notice that they sounded like middle-schoolers. They're band really sounds like what eighth-grade girls would form, with songs about sunshine, wishes, and friends.

To fill in some time between sets, Joe Cobden got up on stage and started a little patter. I recognised him from Golden Age, which he performed in this summer. I remembered him because he was a really great voice actor. Anyway, Joe did a juggling act with some billiard balls before yielding the stage to Katie.

Katie Moore and Crazy Joey Cobden
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

So Katie, Warren, and Horton get up on stage, calling themselves Crazy Joey Cobden. There was a little friendly ribbing before they launched into some sweet bluegrass. Man, I don't have to repeat how much I like Katie's voice and Warren's guitar; they make a brilliant combination. One of these days, they will make it big!

Halfway through their set, someone had to run off the stage. "Joey," mouthed Katie. So Joe came back on stage and started talking to the crowd, which was exceptionally rude because they started talking amongst themselves. "Who am I kidding? You're not listening to me! I'll give you what you really want," Joe shouted before pulling streamers out of his mouth. That certainly got their attention. Then he started taking off his clothes until he was dressed only in a slip and his socks. That really got their attention. Then he danced about the audience while Katie played the guitar.

I was speechless. No, really.

Eventually, normalcy returned and the set was finished. I introduced myself to Joe and we chatted for a while. Then I went up to Katie and told her how much I liked her show. After that, I stepped into the night.

It was quite chilly as I walked to Petit Campus. I went upstairs, got to the toll booth when I noticed a sign. A sign that told me Controller.Controller wasn't playing "due to circumstances beyond our control." Well, at least that's what I thought the sign said. I made a dejected look and the girl collecting money shrugged her shoulders at me.


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1st Oct, 2005 22:35 (UTC)
Hey, I recognize that dorky guy. Where do I know him from?
27th Oct, 2005 18:32 (UTC)
What dorky guy?
who are you talking about when you say dorky guy?
27th Oct, 2005 18:45 (UTC)
Re: What dorky guy?
The dorkiest man alive, linked in the first paragraph.
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