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  • 4th Apr, 2004 at 11:29 PM

Ever get that feeling that you're treading water as fast as you can, in the hopes that you won't drown? Man, my legs are cramping up here.

I recently got a call from Lalit, who tells me that the CSC has missed the deadline for MathSoc reimbursements. Thankfully, we've got until Wednesday to do this. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who doesn't have an exam close to that time. So Monday night will be sorting through receipts to match our budget. greek_artemis will be pleased to discover that we didn't spend our entire budgeted amount this term, so there'll be a little extra surplus for MathSoc's war-chest. Did the due date really have to be so soon before the end of term? MEF's deadline is 22 April, which also happens to be the emergency exam snow day.

Then, after that, I have to get carbonated-water running as the CSC backup MX and LDAP. This is so that we don't lose much when I take perpugilliam off-line over the weekend. That reminds me: we should buy an IDE controller for her, or her disk I/O will be depressingly poor. Nothing in the budget for that, but we should be able to cover that with our own savings.

Oh yeah. The ECE 318 exam tomorrow morning? I have no clue about this course. The words no longer make sense to me. Damn.


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5th Apr, 2004 07:26 (UTC)

When are you going to be sorting through receipts? You should try and offload some of your work to other people (ie. me, or any other willing parties), so that you can study for your exams too. I'll prolly be around campus most of the day, studying linalg.. so feel free to recruit me for this.

Explain to me again what it is we're supposed to do for MathSoc before the EOT? I thought that this sort of thing was supposed to be taken care of at the beginning of the following semester?

Re: a disk controller for Peri; does "with our own savings" mean the CSC's spare cash? Nobody should have to spend their own money on CSC stuff. If we have until Wednesday to do this MathSoc thing, how about I pick up an IDE controller today, and we get a receipt, and we use our budgetted amount....?

5th Apr, 2004 11:30 (UTC)
Re: ca$h

I'm going to be sorting through receipts at about 12:30, so if you want to show up to the CSC, that's where I'll be. Lalit is going to give me access to our records at about that time. We can sort through this mess as best we can.

We've had terms where MathSoc reimburses us the following semester. This is why I have the impression that there was no set deadline. But having a deadline that's before exams really hurts, since not all projects are even completed yet. Still, we have to work with the VP Financial, not against.

With our own savings means with the CSC's money. There is, thankfully, no need for anyone to make personal contributions to the CSC anymore. But the IDE controller was never budgetted, because nobody realised that peri can't see modern disks.

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