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Surreal cookbooks

  • 7th Oct, 2005 at 7:13 PM

I was beating my head against the wall, trying to revise Linux 2.4.21 such that GCC 4 likes what it sees. This, my friend, is not an exercise I'd recommend for fun and games.

That was about the time that Julie called. She had arrived in town and was calling to let me know. As well, she had been visiting S. W. Welch, a used bookstore down St-Laurent, right near my place. This is important, you see, because she stumbled upon Les Diners De Gala, a cookbook illustrated by Salvador Dali.

Wow, oh wow. I went down there, found a whole bunch of other used books, and picked up this cookbook of awesome. It's absolutely gorgeous.


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8th Oct, 2005 02:49 (UTC)
Wow. Are there for-real recipes in Les Diners De Gala?
8th Oct, 2005 17:29 (UTC)
There are! Not only that, they are in French. Which gives me an incredible motivation to learn the language.
8th Oct, 2005 20:52 (UTC)
trying to revise Linux 2.4.21 such that GCC 4 likes what it sees

Why, why, why?
11th Oct, 2005 13:51 (UTC)
Is Timin going with her this time?
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