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This weekend was filled with wonderful things. And what a great long weekend it was.

On Friday, I showed up to vierge_en_trop's three-years-in Montréal party. There was plenty of delicious food that she had whipped up, which had me pondering yam-based salsas. Not only was it tasty, it was also most entertaining. As a special bonus, I got to meet some new people: callmepavlov, drkeys, and metawidget.

I have also discovered exactly why I keep on bumping into her on the street. It's because she lives close to the métro station.

But not why I bumped into her at Saturday's event. I went to a piano recital cum birthday party held at the Yellow Door. Interestingly, they claim to have a coffeehouse in the basement, but the coffee is not very good and the cookies were self-described as bad. They were safe, however, since they were hermetically sealed for my protection. I didn't eat any.

I met Shawn, who used to work at Hutchinson Avenue Software and gave him my e-mail address. For some odd reason, we thought the other to be familiar, but couldn't figure out why. Oh, and I met Valerie, a girl with the most amazing hat.

The group eventually filtered out to go to the Old Dublin, but I retired early since I had to go food shopping in the morning. And that I did. By the time I returned, I had filled my backpack with produce and such. Then I cooked for about two days straight, taking little naps in between kitchen tasks, and waking up when the timer went off.

The New Pornographers
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Monday night, joenotcharles and vierge_en_trop arrived for dinner. I had a wonderful time, and everyone seemed to be happily stuffed by the end of our repast. Then we left Konstantin behind and went to The New Pornographers concert.

The first opening act, Immaculate Machine from Victoria, was absolutely amazing. But the second band, Destroyer, was not having a very good night. However, the evening was saved because The New Pornographers did an outstanding live show. People were bouncing up and down and dancing for most of it, which is sort of rare in my experience. I had trouble getting a good photograph of them, since La Tulipe didn't light the stage very brightly.

What I found pretty cool was that the performers from the opening acts also played in the New Pornographers. Arguably, the people from the second act did a lot better later on. I have no useful theories as to why this is the case. The lead for Destroyer, called Dan, would sing songs for the New Pornographers; everytime he showed up on stage, he had a new beer in hand and looked more and more tipsy. But anyway, everybody seemed to have a great time, and there were two encores, which the crowd thought was spectacular.

Well, a good time was had by all, except for the fact none of the people on stage got to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. If only I had the forethought to cook an emergency turkey; then I could have invited them to my place. Alas.


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12th Oct, 2005 03:23 (UTC)

You are definitely living the life I always want to live in Montreal. When I finish this project, we must definitely hang out some more. I have some Chinese Tea (the good stuff) that I'm dying to break out.
12th Oct, 2005 05:11 (UTC)
We must!
12th Oct, 2005 03:54 (UTC)
Great title.
12th Oct, 2005 04:59 (UTC)
That song has been stuck in my head for the past hour or so. Especially after I watched the video by Mike Dowse.
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