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So long, little one.

  • 13th Oct, 2005 at 2:01 AM

So later this morning, pphaneuf will stop by my place and pick up Timin. They'll be travelling to Waterloo, where Timin will be reunited with Julie. I think she's looking forward to that. Meanwhile, Timin is still oblivious.

Timin on the couch
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I'm going to spoil him tonight. Wild salmon, fresh cream, and hugs. I've taken care of him for so hard and so long that I've grown accustomed to his face.

Goodbye, Timin. I'll miss you.

Edit at 12:28: Pierre showed up, we loaded the Linux-mobile, and now they are riding west together. Safe journey.


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13th Oct, 2005 06:28 (UTC)
OMG I almost thought he had died, and I was going to cry.

It's still sad that you have to give him up, but not as sad as I thought.

You're an awesome kitty daddy. :)
13th Oct, 2005 06:28 (UTC)
Oops, that was me. Not logged in.
13th Oct, 2005 06:30 (UTC)
Oh wow. I hope he isn't dead. It would be honestly bad form to have him expire mere hours before he gets back to Julie.

Nope, I checked. He's still all right. And still chowing down on that salmon.

I'm quite heartbroken, though.
13th Oct, 2005 07:00 (UTC)
Considering getting a cat of your own? (of course, I use the term "of your own" as in "living with you primarily"--I dunno if a cat can or should ever be considered a human's "own"). :)

It's a pretty crazy feeling to suddenly realize you're largely responsible for (er, mostly, or partly, responsible for... at least... living with) another living creature, but it's pretty great.
13th Oct, 2005 07:07 (UTC)
No, not dependents for me until I stop travelling so much.

It's really not fair to them when I go gallavanting off for a week at a time. Especially if they don't have opposable thumbs.
13th Oct, 2005 07:22 (UTC)
Yeah, that is true. We've got a regular when we're both gone, but it's good to have someone else living here (whom the cats trust) who can look after them during short periods when I'm away.
13th Oct, 2005 22:18 (UTC)
I shall miss hearing about Timin, I've really enjoyed your sharing about his fuzzy life.
14th Oct, 2005 04:27 (UTC)
He's a sweetie.
You can wear black again!
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