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  • 5th Apr, 2004 at 3:26 PM

Just got out of my 318 exam. Didn't do so well on that, but at least I wrote stuff in all six questions. With any luck, I'll pass.

In other news: the CSC budget is done, a purchase order for our wireless microphone is in, I've placed an order for an IDE controller and IDE cables, we've re-ordered the CSC stamp, and now I'm very tired. Oh yeah, I need to work on my MSCI 211 assignment as it seems to be due today. Yikes!

The weary never rest.



6th Apr, 2004 00:44 (UTC)

That is correct, sir! Give this man a prize.

6th Apr, 2004 00:48 (UTC)
I remember that hell. Our group never went to tutorials because we determined their uselessness in the second week.

I stopped going to lectures to my detriment, but still passed.