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Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Yesterday, I woke up bleary-eyed. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I looked at the alarm clock and realised that I had probably hit the snooze button over a dozen times. This is disturbing, because the alarm clock is on the other side of the room.

I got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, then ran out to catch the bus. But missed it. So I walked to Damian and angorian's place. This didn't take too long, and I was only fashionably late. We then headed off to Marché Jean-Talon. There, Damian and Angorian bought many tasty things. Whereas I just picked up a wooden crate of basil, over a kilogram of parmigiano reggiano, five heads of garlic, and a bottle of olive oil.

Oh, and a sausage in a bun, which was both tasty and satisfying.

After finishing our purchases, we went back to their place, where we dropped off their purchases. Then, Angorian snipped some fresh mint from her balcony garden, and we set off for my place. We had a mission: to lay down a good supply of pesto.

Cleaning up
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Damian and I spent several hours washing basil leaves until they were sand-free. Angorian spun them dry and then we had basins upon basins of basil leaves. Through the wonders of my favourite kitchen appliance, we whipped up about three litres of basil pesto in short order.

After this was done, we were all very famished, so I pulled some ravioli out of the freezer, cooked it, and tossed it in our wonderful sauce. With the spice of hunger and hard work, this meal tasted especially delicious!

Post-dinner, we sat around being drowsy and sated. Of course, this couldn't last forever, so dishes were done, and a batch of red pepper pesto was made. As a side effect, I discovered an amazingly good drink. I was so impressed with how astoundingly good it was, I was compelled to write it down.

Too soon, I had to say goodbye to my kitchen buddies as they headed home. But I made sure that they took home a bag of tasty treats.


21st Oct, 2005 03:22 (UTC)
A little bird told me that nutritional yeast can be a useful vegan sustitute for the tanginess of the cheese.