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Margaret Cho: Assassin

  • 19th Oct, 2005 at 11:32 PM

Margaret Cho, the San Franciscan stand-up comedian, has put out another film. The premiere was playing at Cinema du Parc, so I rounded up mricon and Matt to take it in.

Margaret Cho: Assassin is basically a taping of a live show. This is not a particular problem for stand-up, because with good editing, you can see the body language and facial expression sthat much better. Initially, I was worried that this film wouldn't be that good, because of the not-so-positive reviews on the web.

My fears were unfounded, because it just so happens that the theatre erupted in laughter much more often than I did. But I'm a little more repressed that way. All in all, the people who sat behind us seemed to find it hilarious. I suppose the show is a little dated considering that much of the comedy was topical and heavily based on the United States. But this is offset by the fact that us Canadians know of what she is referencing, and probably find it funnier because it's not our (direct) problem.

After the show, I heard some girls talking about how Ms. Cho lost a lot of weight. Now that I think about it, she really seemed to be a normal size. And she was wearing an outfit that didn't hide her figure, so I guess she's happy about it. Good for her.

Oh yeah. See this, either tomorrow night, or when it comes out on DVD.



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20th Oct, 2005 03:39 (UTC)
I saw her live and I nearly suffered internal damage from laughter. :)

I've also seen two of her stand-up recording movies. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, but when she said that there was a lot of crossover between Star Trek, the Ren Faire and Bondage, my friend gave the movie screen a standing ovation. I just nearly fell on the floor laughing, but I was also a bit miffed because that was my observation! Where's my stand-up career?! :)
20th Oct, 2005 03:40 (UTC)
From your critique, I'm having a hard time figuring out what you were expecting. Have you seen her other "movies"? Because that's what all of them ("I'm The One That I Want," "Notorious C.H.O.," and "CHO Revolution") are - recordings of her stand-up.

The Assassin tour was last spring/summer so, yea, it's a little dated, but not as dated as if, say, you were to watch "I'm The One..." now.

That said, her humour is very gay, very fag-hag, very women's body issues, very racial. If you're at all prudish, you're really not going to get a full laugh out of her.

Finally, I leave you with the following:

20th Oct, 2005 03:54 (UTC)
I have seen her other routines, but they are less topical than this one. She's also got some other films she's in, which I have not yet seen.

In this one, there's less about her mother. There's less about being Asian. Less about annoying day-to-day things.

And definitely more about the politics. For a good quarter of her show, she's actually beating up on conservatives, which does not elicit laughter from the audience but rather cheering.
20th Oct, 2005 03:58 (UTC)
I guess because I read her blog, I'm used to her politics and, by and large, agree with them. I don't think I'd mind listening to her politicate on stage instead of cracking jokes.

And I have seen snippets of this one (it was leaked online a couple weeks ago), and thought it was still funny... She had to take out the bits about her mother for various reasons, most of which can be found on her blog.

I think I've seen all of the movies she's in too - but most of them, like shows she guests on, it's very minor roles, or even cameos. She hasn't really had a starring role since "All American Girl," and we know how well that worked out for her!
20th Oct, 2005 04:06 (UTC)
A quotation
"You know, I think you gay, when you born. Yeah, you born; I was holding you. I say, 'Oh, she's a so beautiful. ... What a dyke! What a big dyke! Yes you are... You're so dykey, ah? Maybe one day, you will grow up to be P.E. teacher.'"
20th Oct, 2005 04:12 (UTC)
I likely won't see or rent this film.

I don't hate her humor, but it wears on me within 15 minutes. Her routines seem mostly based on "laugh at the Asian woman making fun of Asians and homosexuals". I don't find either deserving of humor at their expense.
20th Oct, 2005 04:17 (UTC)
I understand how this could rub you the wrong way.

I do note, however, that she has a considerable fandom of these minorities who don't think she's offensive.
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