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  • 27th Oct, 2005 at 3:53 AM

On Thursday, I went to the Centaur with dcoombs. This will be the third year that I take in the theatre, and so far I'm still as pleased as ever. In the beginning, Dave offered me free tickets, but now I've graduated to paying for my own.

They are totally worth it.

The Centaur is the English theatre, and this season they're running shows about Montréal. The first in this series is Condoville. Written by David Fennario, at the behest of Gordon McCall, this play is a sequel to Balconville.

This play follows the inhabitants of four flats, inside an apartment building that's run as a co-operative. The characters struggle against gentrification and the modern politic, eventually having to resort to a public protest to defend their rights. For people of the left-wing persuasion, this is a play for you.

The dialogue is written with a sharp pen and an ear for gags. The audience had a wonderful time laughing, though the material was quite dark. Two of the old cast members, from the previous play, returned to reprise their roles. In fact, they seemed quite pleased to do so. The acting was all very fine, and the set design was just gorgeous. Every time I go to the Centaur, I fall in love with their sets.

Condoville runs until 6 November, so I encourage you to see it if you can afford it. And pick up a subscription to the Centaur while you still can. Every play is always different, always thought-provoking, and always awesome.

Oh yes, I found this interview with Mr. Fennario on the Internet, for the National Post. My favourite part is, "tell your editors they're fucking assholes ... Everything that my play is against, your paper supports."


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27th Oct, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
Hey, Simon. I'm coming up to see my brother's play Homeroom at Th. Ste-Catherine on Saturday night.

If you're still up to some theatregoing this weekend, may be in area?
27th Oct, 2005 15:02 (UTC)
I'm going to a Halloween party on Saturday night, so I won't be able to make it.

Are you staying longer for the weekend?
27th Oct, 2005 15:47 (UTC)
Just slightly longer -- it's going to be a bit rushed. Would be good to try to grab coffee, lunch or some permutation thereof.
27th Oct, 2005 16:01 (UTC)
I'm going to be pretty busy on Saturday, so maybe this might not work out.

If you're at all here on Sunday, I'd love to meet up with you.
(Deleted comment)
27th Oct, 2005 15:19 (UTC)
I totally recommend that you see it, if you can.
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