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Dairy Milker

  • 28th Oct, 2005 at 10:17 AM

Clouds in my coffee
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Friday, I went to lunch with wlach at Café Imagination, which is a place that opened up close to work. It's not a good place to eat, because it is a franchise, but it is good enough.

After finishing our meal, we realised that some other people from work had arrived. We went over to their table and chatted with them. I brought over my cup of insipid coffee and then looked down at the little basket that came with it. Raw sugar, refined sugar, artificial sugar, and some milk and cream.

I know that people like putting cream into their coffee. I abstain, but I see how its richer mouthfeel could be attractive. I also know that some people cannot or will not drink dairy products, so non-dairy creamer is an acceptable, albeit revolting, substitute.

I examined the little tubs of liquid and I noticed that one of them is called "dairy creamer". That's obviously a back-formation of non-dairy creamer. But what shocked me the most was the "dairy milker".

Are people unknowingly adding liquid milkmaid to their coffee?


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28th Oct, 2005 14:54 (UTC)
There's no excuse for non-dairy creamer -- soy milk is delicious in coffee. (It also makes amazing lattes and cappuccinos.)
28th Oct, 2005 23:55 (UTC)
Um, isn't soy milk non-dairy? But then, I guess it's not a "creamer", whatever the hell that is...
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