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The Magic of Lanterns

  • 1st Nov, 2005 at 7:45 PM

Sky and water
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Every year near 中秋節, the Botanical Gardens put up lanterns in the Chinese garden. I avoided the big rush in September, but when Damian and angorian suggested we go take some photographs, I thought this was an excellent idea. pphaneuf and azrhey would come along as well, with the ulterior motive of Angorian using Pierre's camera.

We decided on a Saturday and arranged to meet just before dusk, when the light would be perfect for photography. Because of my own plans to introduce my friends to each other, I invited jbailey and Angie to come along. I packed my camera, added a tripod, and met them both at Mont-Royal metro. We then took the bus east to the gardens.

In retrospect, taking the metro would have been faster, as Pierre and Susana were sitting on a park bench waiting for us to arrive. Damian and Angorian were nowhere to be seen, because they were stuck in traffic. We paid for our tickets and walked inside. I was last at the gardens in the summer, when I moved into my new apartment, so the grounds looked cold and barren to me. We walked past the empty flower beds and rode the shuttle bus to the Chinese gardens.

Ducks on the pond
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Already, there were plenty of people walking about. I was forced to use my tripod as a monopod, which actually worked pretty well. Pierre and I took pictures while the others talked, but this didn't last too long because it quickly turned dark. Since it was starting to get cold, we spent some time inside the pavilion and listened to a woman play the 二胡. People eventually got hungry and tired, so we ducked into the metro.

Pierre, Susana, and I decided to dine at Juliette et Chocolat, so we walked there and sat down. Moments afterward, we saw Damian and Angorian walk in the door, accompanied by Damian's parents. We waved them over to our table and they sat down.

It was only later that we discovered that they left a message with Pierre's voicemail telling us that they would be going to Juliette et Chocolat for dinner. We didn't get this message at all, so our meeting were pure synchronicity. They regaled us with their sad story of driving to IKEA and getting stuck in traffic, which we all agreed was horrible. Then we drowned our sorrows in chocolate.


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2nd Nov, 2005 15:41 (UTC)
Gorgeous pictures!
2nd Nov, 2005 16:19 (UTC)
I've visited those gardens perhaps four times over the past three years, and the same woman was there playing the erhu every time.
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