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Another week

  • 15th Apr, 2004 at 10:45 AM

Another week has come and gone. I finished my databases exam, and I think I did well. After all, I got out an hour early. Funny, that. I've been doing this for all my exams.

Got to work on dvipkps some more. Now I can actually parse DVIPS bitmapped fonts properly, and have made myself a large database of them. 360 MB, in fact. This is not good, since this takes 6 minutes for dvipkps to load them, and about 450 MB of RAM to store the hash table. Not good.

I think I've fooled around with the database format enough already. I'll just reduce the number of fonts I load, and get the PostScript re-writing code done. Afterward, I can try to reduce the size of it. I have a feeling that putting all my font names into a flyweight can save some RAM and reduce startup times. But I doubt it will be very significant, as the bitmaps are quite large.

In my system administrator life, I've been working on carbonated-water in the vain hope that I'll get a slave LDAP server working before tomorrow. Thankfully, I've just setup a backup MX, and it seems not to be losing any mail. We'll see if we get any complaints from the users.