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Halloween party

  • 6th Nov, 2005 at 10:56 PM

Jim Morrison is dead
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Jim showed up the Saturday of the Halloween weekend. Jim, of course, is my best friend ever but he now lives in Mountain View, California. We don't get to see much of each other anymore, so when he said he was coming to town for Halloween, I naturally had a couch ready for him to live on.

I was also invited to a Halloween party on that Saturday, so I had spent the morning pretending to be a domestic goddess by flipping through cookery books. I was also waiting for Jim to call, but that was tough since he miscopied by telephone number. He showed up at my door, I let him in and handed him a beer. After a bit, we snuck out the door to pick up ingredients.

Back from our shopping trip, I made fairy cakes with pink icing topped with a cherry. Alas, I have no photographs of these, but they were beamingly cheerful. And why wouldn't we be cheery, since we were destined for a party. We brought these to cloquewerk and messiahdivine's place, where I had menacing facial-hair applied. Jim got a vicious head wound, which is odd because Jim Morrison didn't die that way. Melissa was dressed as a pirate captain with a talking crow, and Mark was her first mate with a drunken monkey on his shoulder. I also met Tara there, who was dressed in a stunning outfit: half-demon, half-angel.

Serenity crew
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We took the bus to the party just before the stream of guests started arriving. It was hosted by Erika and Nic, whom I had met at the Miami a couple of weeks before. In fact, I bumped into them on my way home one night, while walking up St-Laurent. I'm afraid that I don't recall everyone at the party, because I met too many people for my tiny memory. I met a vegan there, which made me feel bad that I didn't make vegan cupcakes. I also met someone who made her own outstanding wig. There was a significant showing of people dressed as the crew of Serenity.

I had a most excellent time and was exceptionally glad that I showed up. Jim and I left well after the buses stopped running, and we walked with Mark, Melissa, and Tara a bit before they successfully hailed a cab. They went home, and Jim and I walked back. Along the way, we met a girl who asked us what time it was, and we told her it was 4:00. Then we realised that Daylight Savings had expired, so it was actually 3:00. This did not reduce how upset she was at the hour.


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7th Nov, 2005 05:34 (UTC)
I love Serenity crew. They are a resourceful bunch!
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